Towards better energy storage sustainability..with lead batteries

The 14th European Lead Battery Conference (14ELBC), organised by the International Lead Association (ILA), will be held from 9-12 September 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This premier Conference and Exhibition brings together key technical, manufacturing, marketing, R&D personnel and users to discuss and examine the strategic, technical and commercial issues of greatest importance to the lead-acid battery industry today.

Global energy costs are continuing to escalate and fears about climate change are of worldwide concern. The need for more efficient and widespread energy storage and for ways of reducing vehicle and other carbon emissions are therefore of high priority. Both challenges represent outstanding opportunities for the lead-acid battery industry.

In recent years major advances in the design, performance, manufacture and efficient recyclability of lead batteries have resulted in significant market growth in these new and important uses.

Meanwhile many initiatives and expectations have focussed on alternative battery systems such as lithium-ion. Their uptake by users requiring high-capacity and cost-effective batteries has failed to reach anticipated levels due to high cost, safety and recyclability concerns.

Lead batteries, on the other hand, continue to increase their range of applications due to their many well-recognised advantages.

The 14th European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition in Edinburgh will feature:

  • Major achievements in the design and manufacture of lead-acid batteries resulting in their dramatically increased use by the automotive industry in Europe for stop-start systems. Car manufacturers in Asia and North America are following a similar trend.
  • Design, application and opportunities for lead-acid batteries in sustainable energy storage schemes, micro-grids for isolated communities and smart grids especially in association with renewable energy systems.
  • New data on the use of higher levels of carbon in the negative active mass, a development which is resulting in much improved battery performance.
  • Recent work and results in the design and build of hybrid vehicles, making possible reduced carbon emissions and major improvements in fuel efficiency using cost-effective 12V/48V lead battery systems.
  • Current end market reports, latest advances in battery R&D, and new manufacturing techniques and equipment.
  • Over 100 exhibits by suppliers of equipment, technology, components and materials.
14ELBC Secretariat:

For full information on 14ELBC contact

Maura McDermott,
International Lead Association,
Bravington House,
2 Bravingtons Walk,
N1 9AF, United Kingdom.  

Tel: +44(0) 20 7833 8090,  
Fax +44 (0) 20 7833 1611,  
Email: 14elbc@ila-lead.org
Website: www.ila-lead.org

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