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EU Lead Producers undertake Life Cycle Analysis Study

Work has commenced on the preparation of an up-to-date Life Cycle Assessment for the production of primary and secondary lead in the European Union.

Current data is being gathered from producers within the EU27 to replace that which already exists but is woefully out of date, thus paying little attention to the amount of recycled lead used throughout the EU. Once completed, the study will be incorporated into the database used within the European Commission’s Life Cycle Platform. This presents the production profile of major commodity products and is the official database for Life Cycle Analysis within the EU.

The importance to progressive businesses and public authorities worldwide, of factoring in resource consumption and environmental impacts associated with supply, use, and end of life products when specifying raw materials, is growing significantly.

Dr David Wilson, Director of the International Lead Association which represents leading producers globally said: “Designers working in key industries of importance to the lead industry, such as the automotive sector and particularly those concerned with developmental work on advanced lead acid batteries for a new generation of hybrid vehicles, will routinely refer to the EU database.

"This makes it an imperative for the international lead industry to provide up-to-date information which takes account of the tremendous improvements in production technology and environmental management that have been implemented since such data was last gathered over ten years ago."

"In addition the data will provide valuable information to the industry itself, providing a benchmark for producers to identify process refinements to improve efficiency.”

So far companies have provided process flow detail which is being used to design life cycle models to characterise primary and secondary lead production. From this, a matrix will be produced to make it easy for companies to submit their data. The study is expected to be concluded and validated by mid 2010.

The contract to undertake the work has been let to specialist consultants PE International and is being managed by ILZRO (the International Lead Zinc Research Organization).

For further information contact Dianne Nott Tel: +44 (0)1925 267557
Mobile: +44 (0)7860 272754 E-Mail:

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Lead-carbon batteries used in hybrid electric vehicles have passed a rigorous test of their durability with flying colours.

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ILA’s Annual Review 2012, illustrating the sustainability of the lead industry and its commitment to continuous improvement, has been published.

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The International Lead Association (ILA) has appointed Bob Tolliday as its first-ever Communications Manager.

“We would like to welcome Bob to his new role which … Continue Reading

New President for ALABC announced - 16/05/2012

Former ILA Managing Director, Dr David Wilson, is to succeed Dr Pat Moseley as President of the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC). 

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ILA publishes new case study - 16/05/2012

Eco-Bat, one of the largest producers of secondary lead, has created Safe for Life, a campaign that is communicated across all its sites to promote … Continue Reading

Register now for 13ELBC - 01/05/2012

Registration has opened for the 13th European Lead Battery Conference (13ELBC) and exhibition, which is being held at the Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference … Continue Reading

Autocar Magazine reviews LC Super Hybrid - 26/04/2012

After taking part in an exclusive test-drive in February, Autocar Magazine’s Hilton Holloway produced a detailed review of the LC Super Hybrid VW Passat demonstrator … Continue Reading

New Metals for Buildings brochure available - 01/03/2012

The International Lead Association, acting on behalf of the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA), is working with an alliance of eight other organisations to … Continue Reading

EALABC opens the door to low cost hybrid electric vehicle - 29/02/2012

The European arm of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (EALABC), in collaboration with several automotive technology partners, has successfully developed advanced lead-acid battery … Continue Reading

13th European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition - 28/02/2012

Please make a note in your diaries that the 13th European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition takes place in Paris from 25-28 September 2012. This will … Continue Reading

Metallo-Chimique joins ILA - 27/02/2012

The ILA is pleased to announce that Belgian non-ferrous metals producer Metallo-Chimique has recently joined the ILA and ILA-Europe.

The company recycles lead, tin, copper and … Continue Reading

Car Batteries Spark China’s Importance in Global Lead Market - 25/11/2010

The economic phenomenon that is China has added another benchmark to its burgeoning inventory of superlatives. It has become the world’s largest manufacturer of car … Continue Reading

Pedal Power is a Hit for Lead-Acid Batteries - 05/11/2010

It sounds like a cue for a song. There are a hundred million electric bicycles in China. But even though it will never be a … Continue Reading

The Humble Battery Sparks a Success Story - 05/10/2010

 The flourishing future of the humble lead-acid battery is electrifying industry insiders, according to David Wilson, Director of the respected International Lead Association.

Seven hundred delegates … Continue Reading

ILA Members sign up to Lead Action 21 programme - 20/10/2009

Like most responsible industries nowadays the membership of the International Lead Association (ILA), which represents lead producers world-wide, considers sustainability and responsibility to be central … Continue Reading

Green Light for Guatemala - 17/08/2009

Central America has a new environmentally sound lead acid battery recycling plant following the news that Acumuladores Iberia S.A. has successfully secured a licence from … Continue Reading

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