Paris conference breaks records

With a record number of exhibitors and the conference itself a sell out the recent 13th European Lead Battery Conference, organised by the ILA, has been recognised as one of the most successful ever. 

Almost 700 delegates from 58 countries gathered in Paris at the end of September to hear how the latest lead acid battery technology is performing strongly compared to other types of battery.

ILA Managing Director, Dr Andy Bush, said: “There’s a feeling that the industry is seen as a serious contender for future battery applications, rather than on that is limited to its traditional uses.”

That feeling was also reflected in the interest shown in the exhibitors show, with more than 100 stands on display, including the LC Super Hybrid demonstration vehicle, the revolutionary micro-mild hybrid based on a 1.4L Volkswagen Passat which utilises lead carbon batteries.

At the end of the conference it was announced that the 14th European Lead Battery Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 9-12 September, 2014.

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