During 14ELBC, there will be an exhibition for suppliers to the industry of equipment, technology, materials, components and services. Over 100 exhibitors are expected to participate. For information about the exhibition and to reserve space, please contact Allan Cooper at the Conference Secretariat.

The 14ELBC Exhibition is designed, as usual, to be an integral part of the Conference and takes place in the areas immediately next to the main conference room. It will be open during working hours on the first two days of the Conference (10-11 September) and provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers of equipment, technology and materials to meet the key decision makers in the lead-acid battery industry from Europe and the rest of the world. In view of the generally favourable response to holding of the opening Cocktail Reception in the Exhibition Area at the last few conferences, this will be repeated in Edinburgh.

In order to promote technical discussions between the battery industry and its suppliers, a quiet Exhibitors Lounge with refreshments will be provided near to the exhibition area. Coffee points will be incorporated into the Exhibition Hall in order to encourage delegates to spend time in the Exhibition.

Exhibition Details

As has become normal practice the 14ELBC Exhibition is based on pre-erected booths of the type used at the last few events. Typical booths are illustrated below.

Stand Stand
Sample Booth Design

This format will not preclude exhibitors using their own backdrops within the space allocated. The majority of sites available will be of size 3 x 2 metres and, in addition, other size sites are available to make best use of the space within the exhibition are. A table and two chairs will be provided for each site if required and it is intended to once again provide wireless internet access for exhibitors.

Up to 500W of electrical power for lighting (220V), and for low power consumption items such as DVD players, will be provided for each site, but exhibitors are reminded to equip themselves with the appropriate UK adaptors and transformers that they may need.

Further information relating to set-up times, exhibition opening hours and the means of renting DVD equipment, additional power, etc., will be circulated to exhibitors following registration. An official shipping agent to the Conference and Exhibition will be appointed in order to facilitate the import and export of equipment, samples, etc., into and out of the UK. Again, details will be provided in the post-registration documentation.

Who should Exhibit?

The Conference and Exhibition are designed to enable exhibitors to meet technical people from the battery industry. Exhibiting will be valuable for suppliers of battery-making materials such as lead alloys, lead oxides, separators, speciality castings and battery cases. Additionally, it has proved fruitful for suppliers of all types of battery manufacturing equipment as well as test equipment for the final product. Suppliers of environmental services to the industry will also benefit as will manufacturers of battery recycling equipment.

Cost of exhibition sites

The cost of a standard exhibition site (3 x 2 metres) is €1,600 + VAT.
The cost of a 4 x 1 site (Nos. 6, 7 and 20) is €1,400 + VAT.
The cost of a 4 x 2 site (Nos. 9, 14, 17, 19, 32, 33, 41 49, 57, 65, 72, 79 and 86) is €1,950 + VAT.

Exhibitors should note that the renting of an Exhibition site entitles them to register two delegates for the Conference at a preferential rate. Early and multiple delegate registration reductions are also available. Fees are as follows:

  Before 6 June 2014
On or after 6 June 2014
First two delegates €1,650 per delegate €1,850 per delegate
Additional delegates €1,850 per delegate €2,100 per delegate


Conference and Exhibition Layout

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