On-site registration for 14ELBC will begin at 11.00 on Tuesday 9 September. The Conference will start with a reception on the evening of Tuesday 9 September, with the first Conference session commencing at 09.00 on Wednesday, 10 September. The Conference will end at about 14.30 on Friday 12 September.

Details for the 14ELBC Technical Programme are set out below. The working language will be English. Due to the large number of high-quality papers to be presented there will be two periods during which parallel sessions will be held.

After the event, copies of all papers presented at 14ELBC will be made available to delegates. The edited texts of selected technical and research papers given at 14ELBC and accepted by the Journal of Power Sources will also be published in an edition of the Journal.

Session: The Global Outlook+

julian allwood.jpg

Keynote Presentation:
Lead and Global Climate Change Mitigation

Julian Allwood, Reader in Engineering at the University of Cambridge and a Lead Author of the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), United Kingdom

patrick moseley.jpg

Global Warming and Lead-Carbon Batteries

Patrick T. Moseley, ALABC, USA

Christophe Pillot.jpg

HEV, P-HEV and EV Market – Impact on the Battery Business

Christophe Pillot, Avicenne Energy, France

Linda Gaines.jpg

Enabling Future Recycling of Li-Ion Batteries

Linda Gaines, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory, United States

Neil Hawkes.jpg

Lead Supply Squeeze Fears – Fact or Fiction?

Neil Hawkes, CRU, United Kingdom

Hannes Dempwolff.jpg

Update on Market and Regulatory Trends Impacting the European Battery Industry

Johannes Dempwolff, Eurobat, Belgium

Mitch Bregman.jpg

Global Market Trends for Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries

Mitch Bregman, Hollingsworth & Vose, USA

Session: The Influence of Carbon on Battery Design+

Paolina Atanassova.jpg

Carbon Additives for Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Applications

Paolina Atanassova, A DuPasquier and M Oljaca, Cabot Corporation, USA

Jochen Settelein.jpg

Influence of Interactions between Carbon and Organic Expanders on Crystallization Behaviour of Lead in Lead-Acid Battery Electrodes

Jochen Settelein and G Sextl, University of Würzburg, S Hartmann and V Trapp, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Chemistry ISC and F Güthlein, Manfred Gelbke and Rainer Wagner, Moll GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Jusef Hassoun.jpg

Carbon Coated Electrodes for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

Jusef Hassoun, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Kan Kan YEUNG.jpg

Enhanced Lead-Acid Battery Cycle-Life through Addition of Graphene as a Sulfation-Suppressant

Kan Kan Yeung, Xinfeng Zhang, Francesco Ciucci and Matthew M F Yuen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Lukanyo L Bolo.jpg

Effect of Carbon and Carbon Nanotube Additives on Negative Active-Mass Morphology of Lead-Acid Batteries under High Rate Partial State-of-Charge Cycling

Bolo Lukanyo Lucious and Ernst Ferg, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Paul Everill (Molecular Rebar Design).jpg

Molecular Rebar™: Discrete Carbon Nanotubes as a Game-Changing Advancement in Lead-Acid Battery Performance

Paul Everill, Steven Swogger and Nanjan Sugumaran, Molecular Rebar Design LLC, USA and D P Dubey, Pacific Batteries Ltd., Fiji Islands

Session: Suppliers Forum+

Ian Klein.jpg

Improvements for Industrial Batteries and Enhanced Flooded Batteries by use of Battery Additives

Ian Klein, PENOX GmbH, Germany and Andrea Saletti, MIDAC SpA, Italy

Grid/Plate Production Technology for Positive/Negative Grids

Jack McLane, John O Wirtz and Doug Lambert, Wirtz Manufacturing Company Inc, USA

Dario Cericola.jpg

Hybrid Carbon Materials for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

Dario Cericola, Thomas Hucke and Michael Spahr, Imerys Graphite & Carbon, Switzerland

Sylvie BAYLE.jpg

Micro Glass Pasting Paper: A Study of Behavior between the Battery Plates

Sylvie Bayle and Nicolas Benattar, Bernard Dumas, France

Kent Lancaster.jpg

Advanced Battery Grid Punching Technology

Kent Lancaster, Oak Press, USA

John Wertz photo feb 2014.jpg

Improved Measurement Techniques to Define Absorbed Glass Mat Properties in Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries

John A Wertz, Hollingsworth & Vose, USA

catelli cesare.jpg

Standard Curing vs Continuous Curing: Advantages and Results of an Innovative Approach to the Curing Process

Cesare Catelli, P C di Pompeo Catelli srl, Italy

Richard Jonach.jpg

BM-Rosendahl: New Generation of Machinery for Battery Assembly

Richard Jonach, BM Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH, Austria

Max Mandt Merck.jpg

Laser-Based Thickness Measurement in Battery Manufacturing

Max Mandt-Merck, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, Germany

Brendan Naughton.jpg

Dynagrid® NG: Advanced Pasting Paper for Trouble Free Manufacturing and Improved Battery Performance

Brendan Naughton, Glatfelter Gernsbach GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Tim McNally.jpg

Innovations in Vanisperse Manufacture to Dramatically Improve Cold Crank Performance

Tim McNally, Borregaard Lignotech, USA

Francesco CAPUZZO 3.jpg

Updating AGM Battery Manufacturing

Francesco Capuzzo, Sovema SpA, Italy

Massimo Verzegnassi.jpg

RTS: Rollover-Safe Starter Battery Lids

Massimo Verzegnassi, La Ital Plastica - SERI Group, Italy

Maria Pia de Simone (3).jpg

CAM, The Added Value of Experience

Maria Pia de Simone, CAM Srl, Italy

Bjorn Mentzer.jpg

Online Battery Monitoring for Industrial Battery Applications – Field Test Experience with the ABERTAX e²BMS online

Björn Mentzer, Abertax Technologies, Malta

Exploring New Technologies to Meet Tighter Environmental Regulations, Including Particular Matter (PM) and SOx

Tim Fisher, W L Gore and Associates, USA

Denis Been.jpg

Enhancing the Value of Lead Drosses and Wastes by In-House Processing for Usable Lead Recovery

Dennis Been and Peter Jetten, Pyrotek Netherlands BV, Netherlands

Session: Lead Batteries for Low Emission Vehicles+

Eckhard Karden.jpg

Lead-Acid Batteries for Automotive Applications – New Requirements and Ongoing Innovation

Eckhard Karden, Armin Warm, Yukiyasu Nagata, Rich Rymond and Paul Shinn, Ford R&A Europe, Germany

Dr Gelbke.jpg

Batteries for Micro-Hybrid Application – Market, Technical Requirements, Battery Designs – Advantages and Potentials

Manfred Gelbke and Rainer Wagner, Akkumulatorenfabrik Moll, Germany


Impact of Battery Type and Design on Availability of Engine Start-Stop Systems and on Fuel Efficiency on the Road

Eberhard Meissner, Sepehr Shirazi and Jörn Albers, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany

Allan Cooper.jpg

Lead Carbon, Low CO2, Low Cost – the ALABC LC Super Hybrid Projects

Allan Cooper, EALABC, United Kingdom

Joern Albers.jpg

Functional Safety of Lead-Acid Batteries in New Vehicle Applications

Jörn Albers and Ingo Koch, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany

Carsten Kaup.jpg

A 48V Diesel Hybrid with Lead-Acid Batteries is not a Contradiction: It is Reality

Carsten Kaup, AVL, Germany


Modelling Dynamic Charge Acceptance of SLI Batteries for Micro-Hybrid Vehicles

Jan Kabzinski, Heide Budde-Meiwes, Ilka Jahn, Julia Kowal and Dirk Uwe Sauer, ISEA – RWTH Aachen University and Eckhard Karden, Ford R&A Europe, Germany

Tim Ellis.jpg

The ALABC Moving Forward: Building on a Dynamic Past

Tim Ellis & Boris Monahov, ALABC, USA

nick pascoe.jpg

The LC Super Hybrid Programme: Addressing Market Demands for an Affordable Hybrid System Solution

Nick Pascoe and Paul Bloore, Controlled Power Technologies, United Kingdom

Mike Romeo_Pic.jpg

ePower Series Hybrid Drive-Train Transport Vehicle - A Novel Architecture for Reduced Fuel Consumption Utilizing Axion Power PbC® Hybrid Battery Technology

Michael Romeo and Jack Shindle, Axion Power, USA

Katharine Fewing.jpg

Comparative Testing of Standard AGM and Carbon Containing AGM Batteries for both Life and DCA

Katharine Fewings, James Green, David Stone, Martin Foster and Mike Kellaway, Sheffield University and Mike Kellaway, Provector Ltd, United Kingdom

Jun Furukawa .jpg

The UltraBattery for xHEV - Performance and Mechanism

Jun Furukawa, The Furukawa Battery Co, Japan


Advanced Diesel Electric Powertrain (ADEPT) Project

Philip Williams, Ricardo, United Kingdom

Jesus Valenciano.jpg

Improvements in Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries for a Better Cycling Life Performance under Different Surrounding and PSoC Conditions. Closing the gap with AGM batteries for Microhybrid Applications

Jesus Valenciano, Exide Technologies, Spain

Masanori Sakai  .jpg

Flooded Lead–Acid Battery with Improved High Dynamic Charge-Acceptance for Service in Idling Stop–Start Systems

 Masanori Sakai, Satoshi Minoura and Tetsuro Okoshi (Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd, Japan)

Shawn Peng.jpg

The Present Status of Lead-Acid Batteries for Stop-Start Applications in China

Shawn Peng, Leoch International Technology Ltd, China

Torsten Hildebrandt.jpg

Standardization Activities for Starter Batteries at the European Level

Torsten Hildebrandt, Jürgen Bauer, Jörn Albers and Jean-Paul Douady, CENELEC Technical Committee TC21X, Germany

The International Lead Award

During the Conference, the lead industry will present its prestigious International Lead Award in recognition of achievements and contributions made by the recipient to the lead and battery industries.

Session: Energy Storage for Future Electricity +

John Wood_Color_High Res.jpg

Implementation of Multiple Capabilities for Profitable Grid Energy Storage Systems

John Wood, Ecoult, Australia

Stephen Vechy.jpg

Practical Solutions for Real-World Energy Storage Challenges

Steve Vechy, Larry Burkert and Ed Stein, EnerSys, USA

Functions and Operations of Grid-integrated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Germany and Europe: Designs, Applications, Costs and Perspective

Rainer Bussar, Martin Sinz and Sebastian Zeh, Exide Technologies GmbH, Germany

Heiko Lehmann.jpg

Opportunities and Limitations for the Grid Integration of UPS Lead-Acid Batteries

Heiko Lehmann, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Germany

Peter Stevenson.jpg

Shetland Battery Energy Storage System

Peter Stevenson, Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd, United Kingdom, Takashi Yasaki, GS-Yuasa Corporation, Japan, Dennis Doerffel, REAPSystems Ltd, Allesandro Mariani, University of South Wales, Mick Barlow, S&C Electric Europe Ltd and Nathan Coote, Scottish and Southern Energy plc, United Kingdom


Axion PowerCube Technology – An Advanced Battery Energy Storage System for Tomorrow’s Clean Energy Demands

Jack Shindle and Michael Romeo, Axion Power, USA

Joseph Cilia.jpg

A Smart Battery Assisted by Combined Heat and Power to Meet the Demand in a PV Powered House

Joseph Cilia, Abertax Technologies, Malta

Session: Advances in Battery Technology+

Achim Lulsdorf.jpg

Expander for Automotive Micro-Hybrid Applications: Interaction Mechanisms of Lignosulfonates and Advanced Carbons and the Impact of Synthetic Lignosulfonate Substitutes on Dynamic Charge Acceptance

Achim Lulsdorf and Maureen Murphy, Hammond Group Inc., USA

Takashi Matsushita.jpg

Influence on Lifetime of Valve-Regulated Lead–Acid Batteries when Ripple is Superimposed on the Float Charge Voltage of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Takashi Matsushita and Tomonobu Tsujikawa, NTT Facilities Inc., Japan

Rick Pekala photo.jpg

A Continuum of Separator Options for Next Generation Lead-Acid Batteries

Rick Pekala, C La, J Kim, M Warren, J Frenzel, J Norris, C Rogers, D Trueba and R Waterhouse, Entek International LLC, USA and D Walker, D Merritt, J Moore, M Ulrich and S Gerts, Entek International Ltd, United Kingdom

Ernst Ferg feb 2014.jpg

Performance of Lead–Acid + Supercapacitor Combinations Under High-Rate Capacity Cycling Conditions

Ernst Ferg and Siseko Mgangato, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Grzegorz Pilatowicz.jpg

Determination of the Lead-Acid Battery’s Dynamic Response using the Butler-Volmer Equation for Advanced Battery Management Systems in Automotive Applications

Grzegorz Pilatowicz, Heide Budde-Meiwes, Julia Kowal and Dirk Uwe Sauer, Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems Group and Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), and Christel Sarfert, Eberhard Schoch and Martin Königsmann, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany


A Layered Carbon-Lead Sulfate Composite as a New Additive for Negative Electrodes of Lead-Acid Batteries

Shukai Zhang, Weihua Xue and Hailei Zhao, University of Science and Technology and Hao Zhang, Gaoping Cao and Yusheng Yang, Research Institute of Defence, Beijing, China

Ed Schaffer.jpg

GreenSeal® Bipolar Technology for Large-Format, Lead-Acid Batteries

Edward Shaffer II, Don Hobday and Jerry Mullis, Advanced Battery Concepts, USA

John Abrahamson.jpg

Properties of Full-Scale Lead-Acid Negative Plates Built Around Carbon Felt Micro-Scale Current Collectors

John Abrahamson, Stuart McKenzie, Shane Christie, Euan Heffer, Hannu Out, Grigory Titelman and Hassan Wong, ArcActive Ltd, New Zealand

Liudmila Yolshina.jpg

Novel Lead-Graphene and Lead-Graphite Grid Materials for Possible Application in Lead-Acid Batteries

L A Yolshina and V B Malkov, Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry, and A N Yolshin and V A Yolshina, Leader LAB Ltd, Russian Federation

Download a copy of the full programme for 14ELBC here.

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