Pre-conference Seminar

Tuesday 13 September 2016, 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Lead-Acid Batteries for Smart Grids, Utility and Domestic Energy Storage

Chair: Geoffrey May, FOCUS Consulting

Facilitator: David Rand, CSIRO

The increasing use of renewable sources of electricity, especially wind and solar, with their intrinsic intermittency and their inability to provide power in line with demand, makes energy storage in electricity networks essential. Batteries are being deployed to provide this capability and the market for energy storage systems is growing rapidly and has the potential to become one of the largest markets for batteries worldwide. In order to examine the position of lead-acid batteries in this sector, the Seminar will focus on the use of lead-acid batteries in smart grids, utility and domestic energy storage.

The speakers at the Seminar are all distinguished experts in this field and will examine the technology and the competitive position of lead-acid batteries and other chemistries for different sectors of this market, as well as providing an account of operational experience. There will be five presentations followed by an open discussion:

Performance and cost considerations for battery energy storage systems
Juergen Garche, University of Ulm

Lead-acid batteries in a competing market – stationary batteries for grid services and PV home storage
Dirk Uwe Sauer, ISEA-RWTH Aachen University

Larger on- and off-grid PV battery systems
Matthias Vetter, Fraunhofer ISE

M5BAT energy storage project
Christian Folke, Uniper Technologies GmbH

Operational experience of a 3 MWh VRLA battery energy storage system
Peter Stevenson, Yuasa Europe

Seminar delegates will receive copies of all the presentation materials after the event, together with a summary of the key issues raised in discussion. It is expected that one of the key themes will be how to ensure that lead-acid gets its full share of the energy storage business without being marginalised by Li-ion and other chemistries.

The Workshop will be limited in numbers, and places will be allocated to the first 70 applicants.


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