Technical Programme


Session: Markets and Trends+

The Future of Lead-Acid Batteries and Innovations

Robert Flicker (East Penn Manufacturing Co., United States)

The Role of Storage in Decarbonizing Global Energy Systems

Luis Munuera (International Energy Agency, France)

Beware the Stock Iceberg - What are the Prospects for the Lead Price to Lift after Recent Cooling?

Neil Hawkes (CRU, United Kingdom)

Can Asia Continue to Power Growth in Lead-Acid Batteries?

Huw Roberts (CHR Metals, United Kingdom)

Engineering the Future

Christian Rosenkranz (Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Germany)

Automotive and Industrial Applications

Christophe Pillot (Avicienne, France)

Global Market Trends for Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries

Nick Starita (Hollingsworth and Vose, United States)

Advanced Lead-Based Batteries in Europe: Market Update and Legislative Developments

Johann Friedrich Dempwolff (EUROBAT, Belgium)

The Future of Advanced Lead Batteries and the New ALABC Program

Boris Monahov and Andy Bush (ALABC, United States)

Is the ‘ZERO Environmental-Lead Emissions’ Lead-Acid Battery a Viable Possibility (Opportunity) for the Future?

Doug Lambert (Wirtz Manufacturing Company Inc, United States)

Session: Energy Storage and Industrial Batteries+

Future Battery Energy Storage Systems – With Lead–Acid Batteries?

Juergen Garche (FCBAT/University of Ulm, Germany) and Alexander Hirnet (VARTA Storage GmbH, Noerdlingen, Germany)

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), an Academic Approach to the Installation of a Practical System

David Stone, Daniel Gladwin and Martin Foster (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom) and Danielle Strickland (Aston University, United Kingdom)

High-Rate Photovoltaic–Battery Test Profiles

Tim Moore (CSIRO Energy, Australia) and Nicholas Batt (Ecoult, Australia)

Advanced AGM VRLA Battery for Telecom Application in Unreliable Grid Power Installations

Sagar Sen Gupta, Indradip Mukherjee, KB Ravindranath and Partha Dasgupta  (Exide Industries Limited, R&D Centre, India)

The Influences of Advanced Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM) Separator on Valve-Regulated Power Lead-Acid Batteries

Wen Li, Zhigang Guo, Fengbo Zhang, Fei Chen, Chunfeng Kong and Haimin Zhao (R&D Center, Tianneng Power International Ltd, China)

The Design and Performance of a Lead-Acid Smart Battery System for Micro-Energy Home Storage

Andrea Brincat, Joseph Cilia and Maurice Apap (University of Malta, Malta)

Novel Lead–Graphene Positive Grids for a Motive Power Lead–Acid Battery

Gui-Ping Dai, Zheng-Fu Chen and Long-Rui Zhou (Chaowei Power Ltd., China)

Lead-Acid Batteries in a Competing Market – Stationary Batteries for Grid Services and PV-Home Storage Systems

Dirk Uwe Sauer, Julia Badeda, Dirk Magnor, Tjark Thien and Kai-Philipp Kairies (ISEA - RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

An Advanced Bipolar Silicon-Lead Technology for Renewable Energy Applications

Collin Mui, Daniel Moomaw, Steve Hinojosa and Christian Beekhuis (Gridtential Energy Inc, United States)

New Filling and Formation Process for VRLA Cells in Gel Technology

Klaus Dieter Merz and Joseph Cilia (Abertax Technologies Ltd, Malta)

Advancing the Energy Power Envelope of Lead-Acid Batteries with Bipolar Design

Edward Shaffer II (Advanced Battery Concepts, USA)

Session: New Developments for Automotive Batteries+

The Future of Automotive Batteries – Challenges and Opportunities for Lead–Acid

Eckhard Karden (Ford, Germany)

Investigating AGM Batteries from Car Operation

Jörn Albers and Ingo Koch (Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany)

The Second Generation UltraBattery for Advanced 14V Hybrids

Tokunori Honma and Jun Furukawa (The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd, Japan)

Demonstrating Advanced Lead Carbon Batteries in 48V Micro/Mild Hybrid Vehicles

Allan Cooper (ALABC, United Kingdom)

Dynamic Charge Acceptance in High Carbon Lead-Acid Cells: Variation with Environmental Conditions and Test Parameters

Matthew Smith, Daniel Gladwin and David Stone (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)

A Novel Method of Internal Failure Detection for Lead-Acid Batteries Operated in Micro-Hybrid Applications

Grzegorz Pilatowicz (BatterieIngenieure GmbH, Germany), Michael Jantosch (FGH Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH, Germany), Christel Sarfert, Eberhard Schoch and Martin Königsmann (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany) and Dirk Uwe Sauer (ISEA – RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Further Improvements of EFB With Respect to Better DCA, Higher Cycling Performance and Outstanding Cold-Cranking Power

Boris Steiner, Rainer Wagner and Benjamin Hübner (MOLL Batterien, Germany)

New Test Procedures in European Standards – Status and Experiences

Torsten Hildebrandt (CENELEC TC 21X, Germany) and Jörn Albers (Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany)

Improvement of Recharge Ability and Cycle Life Performance of Enhanced Lead-Acid Batteries under Stop-Start and Partial State of Charge Duties

Jesus Valenciano, Francisco Trinidad and Alba Couceiro (Exide Technologies, Spain)

Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Expanders: The Key to Sustainable Energy

Gordon Beckley, Terry Murphy, and Maureen Murphy (Hammond Group Inc, United States)

A Geometrically Optimized VRLA Battery for Power and Thermal Management in HEV Applications

George Brilmyer, Michael Gilchrist and Tony Coffman (HighWater Innovations, United States)

Development of a Flooded Type Lead-Acid Battery for Idling Stop-Start Systems

Shinsuke Kobayashi, Masatoshi Tozuka, Toshio Shibahara, Motoko Harada and Tetsuro Okoshi (Hitachi Chemical Co Ltd, Japan)

Session: Technical Innovations+

Lead-Acid and Lead-Carbon Batteries with New Thin Plate Electrodes

Angel Kirchev, Jérémy Lannelongue, Mikael Cugnet and Nicolas Guillet (CEA-LITEN, France)

Study of Electrochemical Impedance Measurements to Evaluate the Influence of Stratification on Lead-Acid Battery Performance

Monika Kwiecien and Dirk Uwe Sauer (ISEA – RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Emerging Active Materials Based on Advanced Additives and Secondary Soft Lead Materials

Matthew Raiford, David Prengaman and Timothy Ellis (RSR Technologies, United States) and Maureen Murphy (Hammond Expanders, United States)

Analysis of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Pure Carbon Additives and Lead-Carbon Electrodes in Sulfuric Acid Solution

Begüm Bozkaya, Henning Lorrmann, Matthias Rumpel and Jochen Settelein (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research, Germany) and Gerhard Sextl (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research and University of Wuerzburg, Germany)

Separator Electrical Resistance: How Low Can You Go?

Richard Pekala, Robert Waterhouse, Chi La, Cory Rogers, Jungseung Kim and Eric Hostetler (ENTEK International LLC, United States) and Steve Gerts, Marcus Ulrich, Dennis Merritt, David Walker and Ashleigh Brown (ENTEK International Ltd, United Kingdom)

Water Transmission Properties of Plastics in AGM Batteries

Divya Tiwari and Frank Fleming (NorthStar Battery Company LLC, United States)

Inhibitors of the Sulfation of Lead-Carbon Electrodes of Lead-Acid Batteries Operated in the High-Rate Partial-State-Of-Charge Duty

Detchko Pavlov, Vesselin Naidenov, Sasho Vassilev and Yovka Milusheva (Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria) and Toshio Shibahara and Masatoshi Tozuka (Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan)

Extending Battery Cycle-Life by Application of Scrim to Positive Plate Surface

Brendan Naughton (Glatfelter Gernsbach GmbH, Germany), Stefan Ruevski and Detchko Pavlov (Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)

Global Lead-Acid Battery Trend and Component Advances

Kevin Whear (Daramic, United States)

Session: Suppliers Forum+

New Carbon Additives for High Dynamic Charge Acceptance – Low Water Loss Lead-Acid Batteries

Paolina Atanassova, Aurelien Du Pasquier, Andriy Korchev and Miodrag Oljaca (Cabot Corporation, United States) and Plamen Nikolov, Maria Matrakova and Detchko Pavlov (IEES, Bulgaria)

High Current Charge Acceptance Supported by Battery Additives

Ian Klein (Penox, Germany)

TIMREX CyPbridTM: a Novel Carbon Materials for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

Dario Cericola and Michael Spahr (Imerys Graphite & Carbon, Switzerland)

Discrete Carbon Nanotubes (MOLECULAR REBAR) for Use in Enhanced Flooded Batteries and Other Applications

Paul Everill, Steven Swogger, Jeremy Meyers and Nanjan Sugumaran (Black Diamond Structures LLC, United States)

New Expanders for New Battery Applications - Start-Stop and HEV

Melchor Fernández, Lee Puckett and Carlos Barreneche (Atomized Products Group, United States)

Formation Systems with Acid Recirculation Technology – The Inbatec Process

Christian Papmahl (Inbatec GmbH, Germany)

Curing Innovation is our Obsession

Cesare Catelli (Pinco SA, Switzerland)

High Power Battery Plate Additives

Guifa Cao (Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd, China)

New Organic Additive Significantly Improves Charge Acceptance, Cold Crank Performance and Cycle Life under PSoC Protocols

Tim McNally, Jeffrey Poirier and Sam Shafarik (LignoTech, United States), Paolina Atanassova, Aurelien DuPasquier and Miki Oljaca (Cabot Corporation, United States) and Plamen Nikolov, Maria Matrakova and Detchko Pavlov (IEES, Bulgaria)

PUNCHING: the New Sovema Machine

Marcello Fantoni, Pietro Farina and Francesco Capuzzo (Sovema, Italy)

One Valve Design for VRLA Batteries

Aaron Farrugia, Joseph Cilia, KD Merz and George Schembri (Abertax Technologies Ltd, Malta)

New Separator Technology for Batteries in Hybrid Vehicle and Renewable Energy Applications

John R Timmons (Microporous LLC, United States)

Effect of the Naphthenic Oil and Precipitated Silica on the Crystallization of UHMW-PE Membranes for Lead Battery Separator Application

Fabien Toquet, René Fulchiron and Philippe Cassagnau (Université Claude Bernard, France) and Laurent Guy and Brice Schlegel (Solvay Silica, France)





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