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Session 1: The Growth of Lead and Future Market Prospects+

The global lead market has experienced strong growth in recent years, driven in particular by the remarkable rate of development of several emerging economies.  The session involves overviews of global and regional developments, together with detailed examinations of the lead-acid battery market and the technological breakthroughs which are promising an ever more exciting future.

Lead - Powering Ahead

Helen Matthews, Wood MacKenzie, UK

Outlook for Lead in Asia

Huw Roberts, CHR Metals, UK

The Growth of Lead in India

Hindustan Zinc, India

Advanced Batteries for New Applications and Markets

Michel Baumgartner, Eurobat, Belgium

What Next for Lead Battery Technology?

David Wilson, Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, UK

Session 2: Understanding Regulatory Trends, Drivers and What the Future Holds+

Lead is one of the most highly regulated substances in the world and scientific and policy developments continue to change the legislative environment. This session compares and contrasts existing regulations in Europe, North America and Asia and seeks to give an insight into what the future may hold for producers and downstream manufacturers.

The Regulatory Environment - Preparing for Tomorrow, Today

Steve Binks, International Lead Association, UK

Overall Trends and Drivers in EU Regulation: Just a Threat or Will there be Opportunities?

Violaine Verougstraete and Hugo Waeterschoot, Eurometaux, Belgium

Regulatory Trends in North America

Robert Steinwurtzel, Mark Delaquil and Thomas Hogan, Association of Battery Recyclers, USA

Regulatory Trends in China and Impacts on the Lead Industry

Shen Yang and Wang Ye, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, (BGRIMM) China

Session 3: Meeting the Regulatory Challenge+

How can science be used to develop legislation?  What innovative approaches have companies adopted to meet the never ending regulatory demand to reduce occupational and environmental exposures to lead? This session aims to provide some practical solutions to the chanllenges outlined in Session 2.

Addressing Regulatory Challenges Through Science

Craig Boreiko, International Lead Zinc Research Organization, USA

Advances in US Lead Producer Emissions Controls

Russell Kemp, Environ International Corp, USA

Possibilities of a Slag-free System in the Secondary Lead World

Mark Stevenson, EcoBat, Australia

The Integrated CX Process: Developments in Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

Massimo Maccagni, Engitec Technologies SpA, Italy

Batteries in Cross Wires - How Industry Finds Replies to Legislative Challenges

Karsten Kurz, Exide Technologies and Eckhard Fahlbusch, EFA BATT Consulting, Germany, and Michel Baumgartner, EUROBAT, Belgium

Occupational Health - Meeting Existing and Future Challenges

Andy Banks, EcoBat Technologies, UK

Session 4: Promoting the Sustainability of Lead+

Sustainability has become a mainstream rather than just a green agenda. This is exemplified by the European Union’s new growth strategy, EU2020, which includes a flagship initiative to shift to a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy to achieve sustainable growth. What does sustainability mean for the lead industry and how can we ensure that the contribution of lead to a sustainable society is recognised?

The session will highlight where lead-based technologies are already delivering environmental, social and economic benefits and activities that are needed to take advantage of future opportunities.

Creating Sustainable Value: Maximizing the Sustainability Opportunities of the Lead Industry

Jon Woodhead, Two Tomorrows, UK

The Role of Lead in Innovative Transport Solutions

John Likarish, Doe Run, USA

Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

Mark Bricker, East Penn Manufacturing

Lead - The New ECO Building Material

Doug Weston, Lead Sheet Association, UK

Lead Recycling: A Sustainability Success Story

Alistair Davidson, International Lead Association, UK

Community Relations Work at Teck Resources

Richard Deane, Teck Metals Limited, Canada

Developing Environmentally Sound Lead Battery Recycling in the Developing World

David Hanrahan, Blacksmith Institute, USA

Identifying and Remediating Contaminated Sites - The Legacy and the Challenges

Brian Wilson, International Lead Management Center, UK

The Aluminium Story: One Sector’s Experience of Using Sustainabilty Indiciators

Chris Bayliss, International Aluminium Institute, UK

Lead Action 21 - Delivering on ILA’s Global Sustainability Initiative

Andy Bush, International Lead Association, UK

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