Overall Theme: The future of the lead industry

The International Lead Conferences are recognised as a unique forum for the exchange of information on all matters relating to lead, including mining, production, uses, recycling and the environmental aspects of the metal and its compounds.

Pb2017 explored the future landscape for the lead and lead battery industries and considered how to ensure the long-term prosperity of the lead industry in a changing environment.

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Session 1: Future Outlook for Lead and Lead Batteries+

Chairman: Paul White, ILZSG

Aim: To outline the global outlook for lead and lead batteries through the views of lead producers, users and leading market analysts.

Opening Address

Keynote presentation – Challenges and Opportunities for the Lead Industry

Florian von Steinkeller, Britannia Refined Metals, UK


Global Market Outlook for Lead - Understanding the Main Lead Price Drivers

Neil Hawkes, CRU Group, UK


Developments in the Chinese Lead Market

Huw Roberts, CHR Metals, UK


Future Opportunities for Lead Batteries: A Manufacturer’s Perspective

Rainer Wagner, MOLL Batterien, Germany


LME Lead and its Relevance to Global Battery Markets

Oliver Nugent, London Metal Exchange, UK


Session 2: Lead Battery Technical Developments and Implications for the Lead Industry+

Chairman: Peter Carlsson, Boliden

Aim: To review the future direction of lead battery technology developments, implications for customer demand and what lead producers may contribute to better performing lead batteries.

Lead Battery Technical Developments and Implications for Lead Producers: A Battery Manufacturer Perspective

Norbert Maleschitz, EXIDE, Germany


Lead Battery Technical Developments and Implications for Lead Producers: A Lead Producer Perspective

Tim Ellis, RSR Corporation, USA


Session 3: Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Lead Batteries+

Chairman: Johannes Dempwolff, JCI

Aim: To understand what constitutes a truly sustainable lead battery and how the lead industry can help make it happen.

Opening Address

Keynote: How to Define a Sustainable Battery?

Pat Hayes, Responsible Battery Coalition, USA


How to Measure and Reduce the Footprint of Lead and Lead Batteries

Alistair Davidson, International Lead Association, UK


Compare and Contrast: Pb-Acid and Li-ion Batteries

Linda Gaines, Argonne National Laboratories, USA


Options for Minimising Air Emissions through the Battery Life Cycle - Recent Progress and Future Directions

Russell Kemp, Ramboll Environ, USA


What is AquaRefining™ and How will it Change the Lead-Acid Battery Industry?

Mark Stevenson, Aqua Metals, USA

Boliden – Applying Sustainability Principles to Mining and Smelting

Christer Ryman, Boliden Group, Sweden


Session 4: Communications and Reputation Management+

Chairman: Mark Thorsby, BCI

Aim: To review industry initiatives aimed at improving the recognition of lead and lead battery benefits while managing reputational risks.

Perception Vs Reality: What U.S. Policymakers Believe about Lead Batteries and What the Industry can do to Change Perceptions

Tammy Stankey, Doe Run, USA


Enhancing Lead Battery Communications with End Users

Jill Ledger, Ledger and Woolf International Business Communications, UK


Sustainable and Environmentally Sound Lead Management Solutions for Emerging and Transition Economies

Brian Wilson, International Lead Association, UK


Initiatives to Improve the Environmental Performance of the Lead and Lead Battery Industry in China

Yeo Lin, Zhejiang University, China


Session 5: Outlook on the Regulatory Environment+

Chairman: Geert Krekel, Campine

Aim: To describe the future regulatory landscape to which the lead industry must adapt to prosper.

Global Trends in Regulations on Lead - Overview

Steve Binks, International Lead Association


Developments in the EU ELV Directive and Impact on Lead and Lead Battery Industry

Tobias Bahr, European Car Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Germany


EU Batteries Directive and the Circular Economy

René Schroeder, EUROBAT, Belgium


Middle East Lead and Battery Recycling – Recent Development with Regards to Technology and Environmental Regulations

Mahmoud Al Sharif, Bureau of Middle East Recycling, United Arab Emirates


The Drivers Behind Reducing Occupational Exposure Limits for Lead Worldwide

Cris Williams, International Lead Association, USA



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