Information previously available on the ELSIA website will in future be available through the International Lead Association.

In the meantime, please contact the following organisations:
Germany: Gutegemeinschaft Saturnblei www.saturnblei.de
Netherlands: Stichting Bouwlood www.bouwlood.nl
UK: Lead Sheet Training Academy www.leadsheet.co.uk
Or contact your lead sheet manufacturer:
France : D’Huart Industrie www.d-huart-industrie.fr
La Plomb Francais www.leplombfrancais.fr
Germany: Anton Schneider Sohne www.schneider-ass.de
Roehr+Stolberg www.roehr-stolberg.de
Ireland: Metal Processors www.metalprocessors.ie
Netherlands: Uzimet www.uzimet.nl
Spain: Abbey Metals www.abbeymetals.com
UK: Associated Lead Mills www.associatedlead.co.uk
British Lead Mills www.britishlead.co.uk
Calder Industrial Materials www.calderlead.co.uk

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