Energy Storage

Advanced lead batteries are used in numerous energy storage applications worldwide as safe, reliable and affordable solutions. Download our factsheet below to find out why lead batteries are essential for renewable energy storage:

5 Essential Reasons to Use Lead Batteries for Renewable Energy Storage

Below are member company case studies demonstrating the successful use of lead batteries for renewable energy storage:

East Penn/Ecoult

The leading electric utility company in New Mexico serving over 500,000 residents and businesses is capitalizing on the many benefits of lead battery technology. Read more



NorthStar Battery

A community-owned electricity supplier in Missouri, serving more than 100,000 people, is being supported by an energy storage solution powered by lead batteries. Read more







Trojan Battery Company
Two case studies that demonstrate the power of advanced lead battery technology in supporting solar microgrid installations in African communities with no access to the grid. Read more
Missouri University Science & Technology
Using advanced lead battery microgrids, two on-campus high-tech homes will act as "living laboratories" for studying renewable energy sources - and storage - for communities of the future. Read more



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