Fact Sheets

A series of Fact Sheets has been developed to give information on a range of lead-related topics.

These sheets include more detail on topics such as the recylcing of lead and the activities of the International Lead Management Centre who share knowledge and advise less developed countries around the world on how to work with lead safely.

The latest Fact Sheet sets out the work ILA has been conducting for the REACH consortium where it has co-ordinated the successful registration with the European Chemicals Agency of around 450 dossiers assessing the hazards and potential risks presented by lead substances.

Lead Recycling

REACH Regulation

Evolution of an Element (506kb)     

Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (882kb)     

Achievements of ALABC research programme 2013-2015

International Lead Management Centre (137kb)     

Health and Environmental Research

 Power and Protection (144kb)     

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