Lead Recycling

Lead enjoys one of the highest recycling rates of all materials in common use today. This is a result of its fundamental properties, good design and the ways in which it is used, which make lead-based products easily identifiable and economic to collect and recycle.

As a result, over half of the lead produced and used each year throughout the world has been used before in other products. What is more, because lead is a naturally occurring element, the quality of the recycled lead is identical to that of primary metal from mining.

The use of lead has evolved over the years, with a significant growth in recyclable uses. Today about 85% of lead is used in lead batteries, all of which are recoverable and recyclable. Europe and North America have a battery recycling rate close to 100% – and most others share the possibility of 100% recyclability.

Read more about lead recycling in this Fact Sheet 


Old Batteries Berzelius lead ingots Transferring Lead to Dross Floor

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