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Follow the star in the East

SAUDI ARABIA has signalled another dramatic step in its transformation from being an oil state to a renewable energy empire, by investing $200billion to build the world’s largest solar power generation project.
The sun-soaked kingdom has set its sights on generating some 200 gigawatts, in the process creating thousands of new jobs transferring people from old oil to new energy production. 
This of itself will create a massive demand for reliable and safe energy storage – storage capable of operating efficiently in the kingdom’s extreme temperatures. That is where lead batteries offer an ideal solution.
Solar Arabia: Saudi signals renewable energy transformation
At present many battery energy storage installations are using lithium-ion batteries, which are useful for short cycles. However they are too expensive for long-term energy storage solutions.  Lead batteries operate effectively in extremes of temperature, have long cycle lives, are safe, low cost and environmentally sustainable. The environmentally conscious Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might also be interested to know that over 99% of advanced lead batteries are collected and recycled in a closed loop-something no other battery technology can match.
I’ll be talking about this and other opportunities for lead battery energy storage at the Energy Storage Association conference in Boston, US, later this month. There is an enormous market opportunity for lead batteries as the demand for energy storage soars. 

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