Guidance Notes

As part of its commitment to supporting improved risk management in the lead industry, particularly in developing countries and those in transition, the International Lead Association (ILA) has launched a series of guides to good working practices for workers and managers.

The guidance notes – Working Safely with Lead – produced by the ILA aim to explain in a non-technical way how to manage and minimise the risks of lead exposure and contamination. 

These first three guides form part of the ILA’s Lead Action 21 (LA21) programme of responsible care which sets out to embed the principles of sustainable development throughout the lead producing world. To view the Guidance Notes please click on the links below.

General information for managers and workers

Design of changing rooms and washing facilities

Effluent control and monitoring

Control and monitoring of atmospheric emissions 

A list of 10 GOLDEN RULES for managers and workers has also been produced summarising good practice in the workplace. 

  • Plant workers must wear the designated clothes, provided by their employer, in the workplace
  • Wear clean work-wear every day or shift and change during the working day if necessary
  • Wear the appropriate fit tested and properly maintained respiratory equipment, and/or apply the correct ventilation
  • Always shower after every shift and whenever potential contamination risks have been high
  • Do not take work-wear home for washing or cleaning
  • Adopt work practices that minimize or mitigate occupational lead exposure
  • Segregate work areas from administrative offices and eating areas
  • Ensure that eating and drinking areas are always clean and lead free
  • Always wash hands and face and scrub nails prior to eating at the workplace
  • Never smoke at work

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