LA21 Charter

ILA vision and commitment for a sustainable future

The following principles are the foundation of our endeavour to be actively responsible to society, enhance the reputation of our industry and its value to all stakeholders:

  • Environmental and social responsibility considerations are integral to our business decision making processes
  • We will manage our operations responsibly and safely to continually reduce our impact on human health and the natural environment
  • In addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations we encourage the adoption of Best Available Technology and Best Practice
  • We actively support scientific research and the application of its findings in the continual drive for improvement in health, safety and environmental performance and in the implementation of risk management strategies
  • We facilitate and actively promote responsible product design, use, re-use and recycling of lead and lead-containing products
  • We support openness and transparency in our relationships with our stakeholders, treating them with respect and recognising that cultures, customs, priorities and working practices differ around the world

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