Lead Action 21

Inform, Support, Improve

The ILA’s Lead Action 21 (LA21) programme provides a focus for Members to share past, present and future initiatives designed to encourage and embed the principles of sustainable development throughout the lead producing world.

Levels of lead exposure have declined significantly over the past twenty five years and current uses of lead pose a negligible risk to the general population although, undeniably, historical practices have left their legacy. Protection of workers in the industry does, and will always, require close attention.

The lead Industry knows that enhanced reputation must be earned through actions not words. This means significant investment in research and improvement programmes as well as dedicated time and effort to show the same care and commitment in regions that have fewer regulatory standards and controls than the economically developed world. The protection of workers, users and the environment should have no geographic boundaries.

LA21 sets out to:

Inform - share knowledge of the safe production, use and recycling of lead and its contribution to life in the 21st century; share best practice to ensure the highest levels of protection for human health and the environment and make the highest standards the norm – everywhere.

Support - build on the work of the International Lead Management Center and use its expertise to provide practical help and guidance to countries, in the developing world and those in transition, that need it.

Improve - put measures in place for continuous improvement.

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